ESCP Cécile Jaillard


In the context of a change of campus, ESCP asks its partners to propose ways to create a creative forum and imagine the campus of the future


Concept: Collab Factory proposes to include art in ESCP by creating an in-situ work on glass that brings vegetation in a symbolic way within the school. The work is participative, each student and collaborator can contribute to the building, and echoes the ambition carried by the forum: together we create the school of the future. The artist’s work flirts with abstraction in the way he speaks of plants: an ecosystem is created and brings to life a diversity where colors and shapes harmonize to symbolize the key word of ESCP: LIVING TOGETHER

Artistic curation: selection of the multidisciplinary contemporary artist Cécile Jaillard, who has an artistic practice with a strong vegetal and international dimension

Storytelling: Living together in a school means being part of an ecosystem. Everyone has their place, their function, while keeping a strong and necessary uniqueness. In the small ecosystem of the school, as in the immense ecosystem of the living world, there is a way to live together: to make room for the singularity of each person, to weave links to communicate, to respect everything that is not us


A creative forum at the school, with hundreds of students and collaborators who were conquered by the project and who came to participate in the work and artistically reinvent a space that they pass through every day

The artist initiated an original contemporary work in-situ, specially designed to represent the values of ESCP and offer a vegetal dimension of sharing, exchange and entrepreneurship

Crédits photos :  © Cécile Jaillard
ESCP x Cécile Jaillard

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