Blue Factory Polar


To create an in-situ artistic signage that takes over spaces and reinforce their unity within the ESCP incubator, The Blue Factory. An original work based on the underwater world with a desire to create a parallel between the underwater exploration and the adventure started in the creation of its own professional project.


Concept: The Blue Factory gave Polar carte blanche to create an in-situ work in relation with the oceanic imagery of the incubator

Artistic curation: selection of the artist Polar 


The artist invites us on an exploratory journey within the Blue Factory through abstract geometric forms, with a clear line and vibrant composition. Rhythms are shaped, calling for dynamism and energy. The undulating lines unfold to create sensations of construction in progress, of taking over the space like the companies that come to life through the incubator, while recalling the movements of the ocean.

Crédits photos : © Angèle Basile
Blue Factory x Polar

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