The agency designs, creates and produces original and impactful campaigns with amplification on social networks.
Our strength ? A global view and the complicity of more than 150 visual artists.

Concept and storytelling

Marketing advice and strategy, developed by a marketing director and an artist storyteller.
Exploration of creative options and storytelling.

Artistic direction - Inspiration boards - Ideation

Artistic curation

A portfolio of more than 150 artists, multidisciplinary, emerging or well established.
A network of art experts (galleries, museums, cultural institutions, etc...) in Europe and internationally (USA, China, etc.)

Contemporary Art - Urban Art - Digital Art

Project management

Creative briefing, project followed through to launching.
Adaptation of artworks to different supports with a team of specialized graphic designers.
Budget and contractual negotiation in association with a law firm expert in transfer of rights.

Creative direction - Product design - Legal advice

Communication and brand content

Design and realization of the communication mix and digital activations.
Production by an audiovisual expert team (photographers, directors, editors, etc.) specializing in artistic content for social networks.

Photos - Videos - Gif - Motion design - PR dossier - Masterclass - Podcast


Collabs can take many forms and are the result of a finely crafted artistic and marketing curation strategy: each project has its own creations.

They trust us