One Step Caroline Derveaux


To create an original collection of T-shirts to reinvent the brand’s logo and highlight its creativity through its first artistic collaboration


Concept: Reinterpret the iconic One Step dancer through the creative and innovative eyes of three artists.

Artistic Curation: selection of the artist Caroline Derveaux.

Product design : commissioning, follow-up of the technical phase and creative elements, post-production


A t-shirt, inspired by the energy and freedom of the dancer. The emblematic logo of the brand is translated in an abstract way thanks to the artist’s brushstrokes. The ballerina stands out with a color block spirit and bold colors.

The garment is an integral part of One Step’s first artistic capsule collection. This collab gave birth to an innovative video integrating the viewer in the artist’s universe.


Crédits photos : © Elodie Croquet
One Step x Caroline Derveaux

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