Okaïdi Alice Louradour & Mourad Bouayad


To anchor the brand in the zeitgeist, to publicize the launch of its Fall/Winter 2022 collection and to make it an event


Concept: Conception, production and creation of a 360° communication plan for the event LA COUR DES GOOD ÏD

Artistic curation: Selection of the artist Alice Louradour whose practice is based on the creation of playful works close to childhood

Storytelling: Transcribing Okaïdi’s seasonal symbols: Optimism, Nature protection and Love through three workshops

Content creation: Creation of a 360° campaign: delivery of 15 videos, stories for social networks, interviews, making-off videos for the Youtube channel, landing page and press release


Two artistic and participative events at the CENTQUATRE-PARIS, LA COUR DES GOOD ÏD, where children were able to let their creativity speak through a path of playful, immersive and friendly installations


Crédits photos et vidéos :  © CoqProd
Okaïdi x Alice Louradour & Mourad Bouayad

To discover the press kit of the collab Okaïdi x Alice Louradour created by Collab Factory, that’s here

For the landing page that’s describes the event, that’s here

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