Bombay Sapphire Ectomorphe & Arual & Zdey


Create an event to show up the brand’s creativity with a strong online support


Concept: Design of the campaign mechanics: create the largest participatory and digital mural in the world and include all the iconic elements of Bombay Sapphire

Artistic curation: selection of artists Ectomorphe, Arual et Zdey

Production: order, follow-up of the technical phase and the creative elements


One inclusive fresco, Creative wall, which encourages the Bombay Sapphire community and artists to awaken their creativity: go to the bottom of the page to discover the platform

Once the fresco is finished, it will be projected in 360 ° on the evenings of October 7, 8 and 9 at the 193 Gallery, during an immersive show. In the program; gin bar and digital immersion in artworks

Credits photos : Tim Zdey : © InspiR – Arual : © Laura Lhuillier – Ectomorphe : © Louisa Schwartz

In partnership with Le Bonbon Agency

Bombay Sapphire x Ectomorphe & Arual & Zdey

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