Artistic murals in offices

Artistic murals in offices

How to bring out the identity and beauty of brands with art. Elements of answers through the prism of the case study conducted by Collab Factory for Bacardí Martini France.

How to bring out the identity and beauty of brands with art. Elements of answers through the prism of the case study conducted by Collab Factory for Bacardí Martini France.

Three tailor-made artistic collabs for Bacardí Martini France

This is the project entrusted to Collab Factory when the group decided to include Art in its new offices. The building that hosts the offices is located in Saint Denis, in the Pleyel district, which brings together many modern urban creations and thus embodies a tailor-made pole for ambition.

As part of this new installation and in order to further the realization of this ambitious architectural project, the group has chosen to have original works of art.

For the design, curation and production of this project, the group called on Collab Factory, an agency specializing in collaborations between brands and artists.

Collab Factory proposed to create 3 major works around the 3 main brands of the group: Bacardí, Martini and Bombay Sapphire.

The agency chose 3 artists based on the suitability of their work with the 3 brands selected.

Artist Caroline Derveaux has taken the Bombay Sapphire brand image to create a work on the company’s premises. Result: A work of 4 meters by 2 meters in dazzling colors that plays between pure abstract forms and the emblematic elements of the brand.

Artist ambassadors of the brand

The artists were then introduced into the universe of each brand by the marketing managers so that they could easily integrate emblematic elements in their work such as references to the history of the brand, its architecture, its vegetation etc…

For this ambitious project, a production site up to the task: a gymnasium transformed into an Artist Studio. The works were therefore painted in the same place to promote interactions and create coherence between them.

The employees were thus able to witness the process of creating the works of art.

In total, more than 62 square meters of works of art can now be seen in Bacardí’s offices.

The three chosen artists are emerging artists, already well known in the French and international art world: Polar (Olivier Kenneybrew), Deborah Desmada and Caroline Derveaux.

Carte blanche for Polar at Bacardí’s premises. Result? A work of more than 14 meters divided into six panels in solar colors and lush vegetation that takes us on a journey to the Caribbean and the history of the brand.

Collab Factory, expert en collaborations artistiques 

Collab Factory, expert in artistic collaborations

At Collab Factory, we have the particularity of creating bridges between the brand and the artist. We invite the artist to look at the image of a brand to create a work “in dialogue”, which tells a story in a complicit way. It is this mutual understanding and complicity that allows the sponsor, the brand, and its employees to identify with the work created.

Visuals steeped in history for Martini after her collaboration with Deborah Desmada. Result: a work of 14 meters divided into six panels that reminds us of the conviviality of summer aperitifs and the pleasure of being together.

By bringing a new perspective to the brand, the artist allows the exploration of unknown aspects of his image thanks to his sensitivity. We believe in these synergies and in these meetings, which open up new horizons.

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